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Heroes and Zeros.The Rotary International

Fellow Rotarians and all interested on Rotary International (RI) this is a blog you should read. Not many in this organization had the guts to go that far in showing the public that charities are not always what you think they are, not all Rotarians are serving under the "service above-self" motto the RI has build its flagship, in fact, is more of a "self service first" operation is taking place as the story will show with documents and statement to back up the allegations. 

The story is expressed by people that have lived the events live and coming here with first hand information, unbiased, for the only purpose of serving the truth. 
The RI is not an above suspicion organization, has failed to properly  manage this scandal that shaked  the Rotary community in the Philippines by choosing to isolate the true Rotarians who chose to fight the evil, instead they covered up the crooks, those who have embezzled money through the inefficient and full of loopholes process called "Matching Grants"  or those who entered the Clubs seeking a label making them citizens in good standing during the day, something else during the night, just to name a couple of them.
You the Rotarian living in the first world having some knowledge and experience above the average "just a member" counterpart, may be lost on this story, exclaiming "how can this be possible within an honorable organization such the RI!" Well, be assured, it won't happen in your backyard, I doubt this ever happened to your place, be it in the US, Europe or Australia. 

You are the donor, a good faith donor, thinking your contribution will help some one in need, in an extreme struggle for survival situation that is usually happening in the third world. And that's the name of the game folks. First world Rotarians helping Clubs in the third world to eradicate poverty in their country. 
Yeah? That's what it is?  May be on paper, but our books show a different story. I don't know any country in the third world that has improved their living standards thanks to Rotary Matching Grants and is true for the Philippines- a country where I was a member of the RI- as well.

First, allow me to introduce myself. I'm former Rotarian EVAN ILIADIS former member of the ROTARY CLUB OF TAGBILARAN (RCT for short) in the island of Bohol Philippines where I lived for 6 years forced to leave this country for medical reasons. 
From day one after my induction on March of 2004 I made service to the community a priority, a foul time none paid job serving children elderly and mentally retarded with funds provided by the VILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM (VAP for short) an organization based in Australia owned by Rotarian Derek Pyrah and his former family - former in the sense that he dumped them recently at the age of 62 and moved to the Philippines for the eyes of a 20 years young Filipino girl - funds sent and managed by former Rotarian and PP of the RCT Dave Collins.

On August of 2007 I received the PHF award my club unanimously agreed I deserve, the cost of $1000 paid by the VAP. Thrilled? Not at all!. I whish I had receive it from the hands of the president of the RCT in recognition for services rendered within the club and not- unknowingly- contributing to VAP's crooked business.
Back in September 2007, as a member of the ROTARY CLUB OF TAGBILARAN (RCT for short) I filed a request with the club asking the president to investigate the then Rotarians Dave and Baby Collins members of the said club the whereabouts of the following amounts of money:

-5 Matching Grants (MG for short) approved and money wired by the TRF (The Rotary Foundation)  to a MB (Metro Bank)  account the custodians been David Collins and Deoscoro Uy  manager of the local MB branch, past president of the RCT and treasurer. The MG I was referring to are:

- RC Milton-Mowbray Matching Grant 2006  P 800,000.00

- RC Milton-Mowbray Matching Grant 2007P950,000.00
- RC Collingwood Canada  Matching Grant 2007 P790,000.00
- RC Wilshire Blvd Hollywood Matching Grant 2007 P 900,000.00
- RC West Wollongong Matching Grant 2007 P 902,739.95

Thousands of US dollars received from donations given by clubs and Rotarians around the world that were never registered in the club's accounting report as read in the regular meeting by the treasurer Deo Uy but instead were deposited to an MB (Metro Bank) account that only Collins and him (Deo) were custodians and knew the ins and outs of the money,  in violation of RI bylaws that every single dollar must be deposited in a club controlled bank account.

-10 millions pesos -Aprox. US$250,000.00 - received from the VILLAGE AIDE PROGRAM based in Australia as Baby Collins claimed on this banner the Club had no prior knowledge of any movement or a bank account under their control with such figures as posted outside Baby Collins pawn shop downtown Tagbilaran City. 

Heroes and Zeros.The Rotary International
Heroes and Zeros.The Rotary International

Heroes and Zeros.The Rotary International
Heroes and Zeros.The Rotary International
Heroes and Zeros.The Rotary International

- A detailed cost and bidding documents for all construction projects financed by the RI as required under the terms and conditions or the TRF including Waterless toilets water tanks and more, that instead was done by Dave Collins as a prime contractor employing his own workers in violation of the "conflict of interest" section as also described by the TRF bylaws.

-The RCT formed an investigative committee to handle the complain  but the Collins when ordered to show up on scheduled appointments to explain the accusations did not comply, instead they deserted the club preferring the status of fugitives rather than try to defend the indefensible, they knew my allegations were concrete solid,  ,fully backed with their own fingerprints on. 

At the same time, I notified the TRF about the fraud – the only word that perfectly fits – joining the necessary documentation to backup my allegations to the attention of Meredith Berliew and Collete Martin - Wilde, both Matching Grant supervisors - coordinators and Heather Fosburgh stewardship supervisor all 3 sitting in the RI headquarters in Evanston Illinois.

-At the time of my inquiry not all money was invested in the projects intended, they (Collins and Deo Uy  were asked to provide a foul accounting of the funds received and disclose where the unused money is. Baby Collins replied that they returned to the TRF 4 million pesos. (About 88 thousands US dollars) Not a single proof of it was given to the investigators.

Meanwhile, the TRF ordered Catherine King , a senior Matching Grant supervisor – coordinator for the SE Asia Rotary clubs to investigate my allegations. She cleared the RCT of any wrong doing indicating that the club can reapply for Matching Grants if they wish but when asked to provide information about the whereabouts of the 4 million pesos Collins claim they returned she has never replied.

Even though I have described often of what I’am accusing the, many comers on this site still asking me to make it clear for them to understand. Let’s do it one more time in simple words, straight to the point. I’am accusing them of the following:

Heroes and Zeros.The Rotary International
Heroes and Zeros.The Rotary International
    Heroes and Zeros.The Rotary International
  1. Of defrauding Individuals, Rotarians, Clubs and organizations in Australia and elsewhere in the world  where the VAP leaders Derek Pyrah and Dave Collins mislead donors to contribute by misrepresenting their actions. An example  of this accusation is the mail posted titled Cassate Drougt relief
  2. They instructed donors to deposit money not in a RCT Club controlled bank account but on one they (Collins and treasurer PP Deo Dioscoro) had absolute control, the club having total ignorance of the existence of such account, same for the RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service). Remember, Deo Dioscoro is the manager of the METRO BANK where the accounts were held. This is just an example. If interested you can read more inside this blog. Those like this Rotarian who tried to send money mentioning the name of the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran as recipient the did not make it. No such account existed.
  3. Of defrauding TRF of thousands of dollars by misrepresenting the use of the MG as follows: Dave Collins did not disclose to the foundation that he was the contractor-builder of all construction projects submitted for financing, instead he claimed that it was a construction company under the name of VALLES CONSTRUCTION in Tagbilaran Bohol that was hired for the job. 
  4. There isn't such company under this name in the TRADES AND INDUSTRY DEPARTMENT data base in Bohol. Here is the document proving my allegation: Click here to see a mail sent to many with the report attached. The report is there too
  5. Once the request for opening an investigation as described above, the President formed an investigative committee to explore the allegations filed, they agreed with the Collins and PP Dioscoro on a number of meetings for discussion and were ordered to submit to the club the bank accounts “pass books” as they called in the Philippines the saving accounts booklets where all transactions are recorded. (I was wondering why they had not a checking account?). They refused, they disappeared, never attended investigation meetings neither regular meetings
Do you know any innocent behaving this way? If my allegations as submitted to the club AND to the RI were driven by malice due to a personal vendetta or whatever other reason, it would be easy for such powerful people to defeat them right on the start. Instead they felt comfortable under the fugitive’s blanket rather than take the time to explain." 

  • -The RI and the DG have been informed about the facts long time ago . Their inaction to this matter resulted not only to a "let it go" but encouraged them - the accused- to further accented an already ill and predatory behavior towards the local Rotary community. The RI has read this story here before. Take a look and let me know if this is relevant to the RI or not. If the last can't find any wrong doing, then, they will have to review their policy on members attitude, morals and interpretation of what misbehavior is all about. 

  • Their inaction to this matter-again- was taken for granted by the accused and went out of control by harassing any one on their way. like asking the DG of district 3860 to order the closure of the RCT, Heroes and Zeros.The Rotary International
    When he said NO! they filled Libel charges against the PP Luela Bantol who was President during the events. And get this: Libel laws in the Philippines allow the complainant to file a Criminal or Civil case or both. They chose to file only civil charges asking 500K pesos each of the 3 complainants = about $13K- for damages. A fortune by Philippines cost of living standard. Heroes and Zeros.The Rotary International
    Rotarians, Do you know any judge in the world that has sentenced a Rotary President for doing her job? Consisting of canceling their membership for non payment of their dues and non attendance to the regular meetings for more than 6 months? Talk about misbehavior.. Harassment! harassment! harassment !... isn't it?
    Finally this: This blog goes on now for 4 years, the same, or almost, facts are repeated over and again. Is this serving a purpose anymore? Yes and no. If it's the money aspect you are more concerned is not an issue anymore, The money is gone, vanished, no one will ever be punished, this blog won't bring it back. After all as I wrote before it was just ....Rotary money... Now it's all about misbehavior. This has caused more harm than embezzling of the money did.
    Time has been kind to Collins. The club did not file any criminal charges against them as it should and they had plenty to go for. Instead, they chose to ignore them, happy to regain control of their club, finally! peace and order prevailed. They were hoping they (Collins) will leave them alone in their difficult task to rebuild club's reputation and expanding membership, they were doing a great job on both areas. Dave Collins, Derek Pyrah,John Van Laar and a few others had a different agenda.
    This blog will go on in the same way and style as it started. I want to let know the gerontocracy governing the Rotary- in an obsolete way for now days - I'm not expecting their sympathy or changes in their way of unmasking crooks and criminals within the Rotary - as limited their number may be. 

    Dave Collins has been the cruelest defamator to Rotarians and others, he squeezed the funds from his club, go unpunished, now he's filling libel charges against the president trying to extort money from her. All these under the total indifference of the RI pressured by some top guns as high as DGs and PDGs each of them for different reasons, including some are owners of a charity business themselves.
    The trial has resumed as of April 2012 with a new Judge after the previous retired in September of 2011. There was 2 hearings, one in April of 2012 and another one august  of the same year. Transcripts are on the way, will be published as soon as received.  
    Heroes and Zeros.The Rotary International

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    The Rotary Club of Tagbilaran on trial

     The Rotary Club of Tagbilaran on trial

    The Price to pay for being a Rotary Club president. Our masters' recipe on how to put out of business a Rotary Club and revive it again to their own standards and purpose.

    By Evan Iliadis former Rotarian member of the Rotary Club of

    Rotarians and friends, here I am again after a long break seating back watching on events unfold in Bohol, so unusual and incomprehensible that strikes me as many others aware of the situation, as a masquerade taking place in a court of law in Tagbilaran Bohol Philippines.

    Conflicts, misunderstanding rivalry exists within any group of people that gather to achieve a common goal, be a club, a church or a fraternity, usually will end up with the exclusion of one party preserving so the unity of the group, exclusion not always carefully and rightfully planned and executed. 

    The last place you would expect this to happen is the Rotary International. Is this the first time it happened? We don’t know. Don’t count on Rotary to tell you, neither on active Rotarians. It’s a secret.Awaiting the full transfer of the story to this blog, you can read the remaining of the story by clicking here